The intuitive and consistent modulation of a brake is crucial for the precise control of braking force.

Modulation is essential for maintaining control in critical situations and achieving an optimum braking effect. As soon as the wheels lock, the braking distance increases.

The modulation is influenced by various factors. Ergonomic and adjustable brake levers, the quality of the brake fluid and optimal bleeding of the brake all contribute to modulation just as much as the quality of the brake pads and brake discs. In addition, modulation is largely affected by the friction of the moving parts, such as the seals and pistons of a brake. High or inconsistent friction reduces modulation. Besides tight tolerances, Trickstuff brakes offer sophisticated features to keep friction low and maximize modulation.

Ball bearing brake levers


All brake pumps from Trickstuff brakes are equipped with four ball bearings: two in the main pivot and two for the connecting rod. The ball bearings are characterized by low and constant friction over the entire rotation range of the lever. While the ball bearings prevent radial lever play, a tiny ball made of POM plastic, which is clamped in the barrel nut, ensures that Trickstuff brake levers also have no axial play. The resulting complete lack of play and constant low friction provides a predictable braking characteristic that enables precise control of the braking force.

Anodized 7075 aluminium


The pump and caliper housings are made of high-quality, high-tensile milled-CNC 7075 aluminum. Anodizing the components increases the surface hardness and provides scratch and corrosion resistance.

The anodization extends into the piston track, which not only is very durable, but also has improved friction properties through subsequent polishing. A low-friction and consistent running of the mechanism is assured.

Pressure-resistent POM pump pistons


The pump pistons are made of pressure-stable POM plastic, which has excellent wear resistance and sliding properties. The resulting ease of movement in the anodized pump piston track ensures that the mechanism runs smoothly. POM exhibits very little material abrasion, which means that the sliding properties remain unchanged over time.

Ergonomic brake levers


With their ergonomic shape, Trickstuff brake levers offer a comfortable contact area to which the brake finger fits perfectly and offers you safety and precise control for a delightful braking experience. With the lever reach adjustment, the lever can also be adapted to individual hand sizes and personal preferences.